VBS COUNSELING CENTER - CALL (818) 784-1414 - To Begin Your Counseling Journey
serving the community-at-large for more than 40 years

Where there is HELP, there is HOPE.
The VBS Counseling Center is a non-denominational, independent 501(c)(3),  non-profit organization.
Our services are available to those we feel we can help, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, income, age, gender or sexual orientation. 

Let's talk.  We're here for you.

Call today. 

Asking for help takes courage and strength.

The VBS Counseling Center provides high quality, caring and compassionate mental health counseling at sliding scale fees designed to be comfortably affordable for everyone. 

Through active listening and sharing wisdom, insight, experience and creativity, we work to empower our clients to better understand themselves, build better inter- and intra-personal communication skills and tools, face life's challenges & enhance well-being.  

Every client is treated with dignity and respect and treatment is conducted with the highest professional standards.

“It is never too late to start over again, to feel again, to love again 
...to hope again. It is never too late to overcome despair,
to turn sorrow into resolve and pain into purpose.” 
--Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis
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